Light installation that explores the relationship between light colours and printed colours. Consist of different walls of 3×3 meters made with screen printed paper modules of 50x50cm.

The “colour light bicycle” is an interactive gadget that is created by re-shaping a recycled bicycle which changes the colour of the light by turning the handle.

This installation aims the visitor to discover the visual effect that is created by this light and colour phenomenon, by playing with the weel and understanding what happens when the light filter changes.

The goal is to stimulate the curiosity of the visitor who will understand how the colour of the light influences in how we see the reality, and how it can be easily be altered.


Installation for The Overkill, festival of digital technologies and gaming, The Netherlands. The exhibition taken place at “De Museumfabriek” in Enschede. During two days an one night the museum was transformed hosting interactive installations, retro and hi tech gaming proposals and different performances.