Light installation that combines screen printed posters with RGB light sequences, which together, create an illusion of movement. Making the prints look like moving animations. The square posters work as modular tiles that can be composed in different ways, adapting to the specifications of the space and being able to create different patterns and shapes. An exploration to alternative ways of creating animation with very low technology.

In the digital universe we live now a days, involved with screens of manny different displays, the printed tiles make reference to the pixels that generate the images from the screens; RGB dots that combined generate images. Exploring the basic theories of colour and light, this installation aims the visitor think about what is real and what is illusion in what we see.

An audio soundtrack creates a surrounding sensorial experience. And as an extra layer, the installation can be combined with the performance of a contemporary dancer wearing a light reacting dress, who interacts with the moving tales, combining the movement of the human body with the movement of the animated “pixels”.




Installation at Museu de l’Hospitalet during the Barcelona Museums night. For the occasion 2 installation where set in 2 rooms of the museum that where connected. In one room was set “Moving Pixels”, and at the other “Moving walls” together with the “Turining light” a mechanism that changes the colours of the light by turning a handle. A contemporary dancer was performing interacting with the installations with a light reactive dress during 20 minutes, once every hour. The installation was set between 8pm and 2 am.



Gutterfest is the festival of independent graphical and sound edition of Barcelona wich taked place at I was invited to show Moving Pixels at the exhibition room during the 2 days of festival. Once a day there was a performance of 30 minutes from contemporary dancer wearing a light-reacting dress interacting with the light installation.



Fors i Violes is a festival that takes place in Palafrugell, a beautiful coast town in Catalunya. During the festival it gets  transformed with light, music and artistic performances all over the place. My installation was located inside the chapel of a convent that now is the guest house “Alberg Solidança”. For that I transformed all the Chappel into a light installation making a parallelism, positioning internet as an omnipresent entity that sees everything, in relation in the concept of God, who used to have that roll in this chapel back in the days.


The exhibition was made with three different installations; a Moving Pixels Installation called “The Big eye” an eye shaped “pixel” composition representing the digital world and internet, a Moving Faces installation called Social Media, representing the constant changing society and appearances of the people in social platforms, and a Kaleidoscopic projection device wich was interactive with the public, who where creating the projected images, representing the power of the people to shape our new realities.


All the posters have been hand drawn and screen printed. As a contrast to the digital projections, this project, allows to create animations in big spaces with completely analog-created images.